The Convergence Phenomenon

As technological advancements continue to transform our means of acquiring information and staying up to date on current issues, we are finding ourselves to be increasingly reliant on our computers and smartphones. This defines our generation’s “convergence” phenomenon. Instead of seeking out various types of media to find out the marital statuses of the hottest celebrities and the latest fashion trends in hard-copy magazines or on entertainment news channels, we can now find out all of this information online with the help of a search engine and some clicking around.

Becoming the owner of an iPhone 4S only recently, I am beginning to learn just how imperative it is to have 24/7 access to just about anything imaginable. Instead of missing out on updates and responding to emails too late, all of this can now be done on time with the help of the latest technologies. Thank God for techies, eh?

While some abuse this technological luxury by being antisocial and glued to their devices, most of us (I hope!) know proper etiquette. If you haven’t realized already, our society is changing- drastically. What was commonplace just a decade ago is now becoming obsolete and rather archaic, and I am finding that if you do not change with the times, you will be left behind.

As magazine publishers offer websites for their readers to peruse, less are relying on print to fulfill their cravings. Is it the beginning of the end for print publications? Or are online media acting simply as supplemental material for larger publications?

Only time will tell.